Sales, marketing and communication We are specialists in the sale of technological, high added-value products. We understand the technology market in all its complexity and focus our experience and knowledge towards specialised sale. We work with companies that take care of every detail, each one with its own identity, and transmit their idiosyncrasy and values in order to achieve the best results
Operations We put our focus on the 360º of commercialisation: we achieve exhaustive planning of the demand and carry out highly demanding and agile management of the sales operation. We also have a network of after-sales technical services and offer telephone attention to our end users and distributors, which allows us to accompany our customers in their brand experience.
Guidance for installations and projects We provide guidance and advice for projects on interior design, architecture and engineering. We collaborate in the design and installation process of commercial, residential and hospitality spaces; we study, in each case, the suitability of materials, products and brands that best adapt to each project.
Our Team Our team consists of 20 enthusiastic professionals, with great capacity for self-motivation, that we train in transversal manner to get the best results for specialised sales, marketing, technical service and operations management. Our commercial philosophy is based on the sale of consultancy and accompaniment.
Our offices Located in Sant Cugat (Barcelona), in the Slow Building, a sustainable building that through design proposes an architecture that is presented as the backbone of people's health, commitment to the city and the environment.

The SIT&B Casablanca offices are located in the Twin Center.