Focal French manufacturer of audio equipment for the home, car and headphones, their products are the result of their own innovations and technologies, and the loudspeaker boxes are created by artisanal cabinetmakers in France. The quality of the materials and finishes provided contribute towards great acoustic performance, with the objective of respecting and honouring the creation of music.
Technics Aiming to achieve the best sound production possible, through both technology and design, Technics conceives products with an exceptional audio quality, always thinking of music lovers. They manufacture from the reversioned mythical turntables to high definition audio equipment, including loudspeakers, players and headphones.
Rega The most important turntable brand in England, they manually create approximately 2,000 units per month. At the design and manufacturing plant located in Essex, they develop their products while always seeking sound excellence but also the durability of their products, which they give life-long guarantees to.
Lyngdorf Lyngdorf Audio develops, designs, and creates products for high-performance audio enthusiasts seeking the highest quality and most exciting components on the market. Lyngdorf Audio products do not re-produce music; they re-play music with all original passion and musicality intact. The brand is known throughout the world as the leader in high-performance digital audio.
Ruark audio British family company that manufactures radios and music equipment, created by designers and expert engineers who have boosted the technology of the British audio industry and who seek perfect sound while simultaneously creating design icons. Their equipment with intuitive operation has been praised by the critics.
Naim British manufacturer of audio players and amplifiers for the home, it stands out thanks to its advanced management of streaming audio and multi-room solutions. This is a brand that, above all, seeks excellence in engineering, and its products are conceived and designed for the service of sound, in order to provide a pure experience of the music that approaches the live original.
Pioneer Car Leader in the car audio market, with a wide range of hardware for vehicles, both for navigation and for entertainment (multimedia equipment and loudspeakers). Leader in integral infotainment, using cutting-edge technologies to achieve comfort, emotion, reliability and safety in the vehicles. Researching the autonomous driving of the future.
AUDIOQUEST Most important cable provider for the market of high-end specialists in recent years, focuses on offering excellent value and performance in each product. Develop tools to improve the home audio and video experience through speaker cables, HDMI cables and power cables.
Audio Pro Since 1978, this Swedish company that build powered speakers has been synonymous with providing great sound from small speakers. Another milestone of this brand is the design, inside and out, in addition to excellent audio quality, its equipment is characterized by a modern, simple and sophisticated design; the speakers must stand the test of time.
SIM2 Founded in 1995, SIM2 BV is an Italian technological industry provider that designs, manufactures and supplies video projection and HDR products for home cinema, home entertainment and, in general, residential applications, always focusing on the highest performances and perfect integration in the home interiors. SIM2 BV identify and exploit state-of-the-art technologies to create and supply top-quality, innovative display solutions that help people realize new applications, unleash emotions, connect, and improve their living and working standards.
Vicoustic The brand is leader in innovative acoustic solutions, sustainable and environmentally conscious way, and they manufacture acoustic panels using high acoustic performance VMT. Being at the forefront of acoustic technology, Vicoustic combines engineered systems with stunning design to bring you sound that is free of compromises, but full of high-quality performance. The brand delivers clever solutions for every situation, from demanding recording studios and home cinemas to offices, restaurants and schools.
Nagaoka The Japanese company Nagaoka, founded in 1940, is the world's leading manufacturer of styli, cartridges and accessories for records since the 1940’s. Today with more than 80 years, Nagaoka continues to develop new innovative solutions, and manufactures its styli and cartridges with precision craftsmanship, stringent quality control, careful assembly and thorough inspection, to bringing the highest musical and creative expression from the concert hall to your home.
IsoAcoustics Canadian manufacturer of isolation products in the audio industry distributed in more than 70 countries. The patented IsoAcoustics technology is based from years of experience in the design and construction of radio and television studios. Its flagship products are speaker and turntable stands, which provide superior sound insulation and improve sound clarity.
MoFi Electronics This American brand manufactures high-quality audio equipment. Initially, they focused on analog components for vinyl records, and over time, they expanded their product range to offer complete audio solutions. MoFi has been a pioneer and leader in audiophile recordings since its establishment in 1977. Currently, they also produce turntables, cartridges, preamplifiers, and speakers designed to enhance the original master recordings on vinyl. Their goal is to bring the listener closer to the artist's original experience.