BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT We are specialists in the sale of audio technology products and help to grow high added-value brands.

We focus on the car and on domestic and professional audio.

We are present in practically all business activities
Mass Market Our brands are present in the main chains, hypermarkets, department stores, purchase groups and online channels. We are specialists in the management of these accounts. We provide planning, we understand the chain of value, linked to the brand focus and portfolio.
Specialised sales We have technical and market knowledge that is essential for selling highly technological products. We understand the intrinsic characteristics of each channel. We work with installers, professionals and specialists for vehicle installations, home audio and professional audio.
Vehicle manufacturers We provide solutions for improvement of sound, connectivity and navigation for the majority of vehicle manufacturers. We undertake the technical guidance necessary for our product catalogue with the leading brands on the market.
Engineering, interior design and architecture With our entire catalogue of brands, we have created an ecosystem that we can use to provide technical and design solutions that adapt to the needs of any project. We work together with professionals of all types to find solutions for engineering, architecture or interior design.