FOCAL’s ambition is to make every moment of listening to music a privileged moment in which the music is respected and the emotion is alive.

Whatever the complexity and subtlety of the music, every nuance must be exalted with precision and purity. For FOCAL, the richness of sound must be expressed as finely in the low-range as in the high and mid-range, with elegance and fidelity, without artifice or distortion, because its aim is to create sound systems that sublimate the musical creation of artists.

FOCAL’s collections combine technology, mechanics, fine materials and design.
Based in Saint-Étienne, France, Focal is a world leader in its area thanks to its technologies and constant innovations. At Focal, all equipment shares the same philosophy: “Made in France” and industrialisation, innovation and tradition combine to offer audiophiles and music lovers the very best in sound.


HIFI SPEAKERS With FOCAL loudspeakers you can discover the true richness of harmonies in your favourite music. Your home will be filled with new sounds that you have never heard before.

The Utopia range has an extraordinary technological heritage. This exceptional hi-fi loudspeaker combines the latest exclusive FOCAL innovations, always in pursuit of excellence, making it unique, far above the rest.

The new archetype of today's high-end acoustic loudspeaker, Sopra, clearly breaks new ground with new performance criteria: compact, modern, pure in design.

Kanta represents a new vision of the premium loudspeaker, with an uncompromising design totally oriented towards acoustic performance, with highly accomplished finishes.

Aria range is very complete, both for stereo audio and for a home cinema setup, with ideal sound ambience to provide total and impressive immersion.

FOCAL has created Chora and Chorus ranges to make hi-fi more accessible. These speakers bring FOCAL technology to all music lovers who want to enjoy quality sound in stylish designer equipment.

All FOCAL loudspeaker ranges are available in a wide range of finishes.
FOCAL HEADPHONES Handcrafted and world-renowned for their unique technologies, FOCAL's high-end headphone collection combines their outstanding listening experience with exquisite, high-quality design to deliver a unique sound and an all-round luxurious feel. The result is class-leading headphones that deliver a natural and authentic performance.

OPEN HEADPHONES: For superlative listening experiences at home.
Utopia and Clear Mg are high-fidelity headphones that offer exceptional audio reproduction thanks to their state-of-the-art speaker drivers; completely free, the sound is pure and sensational. With carefully selected finishes.

CLOSED HEADPHONES: The best sound, wherever you go.
Focal engineers have used cutting-edge techniques to bring the best aspects of open headphone performance to the closed design. Both Stellia and Celestee incorporate speaker drivers capable of operating in a confined space, and offer perfect sound isolation and exceptional audio quality. These high-end headphones for home use or on the move illustrate admirably that FOCAL is committed to perfection.
HOME THEATER SYSTEMS With FOCAL loudspeakers, your home cinema is about to enter a new era. With the different FOCAL loudspeaker ranges you can give your High Definition screen the sound it deserves, with sound effects, which are both refined and powerful without exaggeration. You used to watch your films, now you hear them.

Floor-standing speakers
The Aria K2 range responds with quality and style in both stereo and home cinema; with iconic membrane and high-end finishes.

Chora 826-D speakers are equipped with a special cone that directs the sound towards the ceiling and reproduces Dolby Atmos® effects: ultra-realistic 3D soundtracks to bring you fully into the movie.

5.1.2 Systems
The 5.1.2 SIB EVO system is distinguished by its vertical sound effects reflected from the ceiling. This gives the viewer the impression of being immersed in an ultra-realistic 3D universe.

DÔME loudspeakers offer many configuration possibilities for a home cinema system that meets all expectations from 2.0 to 5.1.2 and beyond.

CUSTOM INTEGRATION AND DEDICATED ROOMS Choose discretion: FOCAL hi-fi loudspeakers are available in built-in versions for walls and ceilings for the home and public places. Discover FOCAL’s sound signature, a simple design and unrivalled acoustic.

The 1000 Series range, an example of excellence, embodies all of FOCAL's know-how: exclusive technologies, unrivalled performance and various configuration options. Inspired by the Utopia series, it offers sensational stereo and home cinema restitution.

The 300 Series in-ceiling speakers are invisible and bring a new dimension to music, both in stereo and home cinema. It is ideal for creating an immersive atmosphere in total harmony and offering you emotions of unrivalled depth.

The 100 Series range provides a concrete solution for sound in any space. Discreet and invisible, music will become part of your daily life.

Designed for stereo or home cinema use, the On Wall 300 wall-mounted loudspeakers seduce with their refined design, their linen membrane and the sound they provide.

The promise of the 100-T Series is a quality acoustic signature for large public spaces. With a transformer that adapts the power of the loudspeakers to cover large listening areas.
News about FOCAL

Focal presenta dos nuevos auriculares: Hadenys y Azurys

Auriculares abiertos y cerrados respectivamente, para que la pureza del sonido de alta fidelidad esté al alcance de muchos. Nacidos de la experiencia distintiva de la marca francesa en sonido y fabricados en Francia, estos auriculares combinan drivers de tecnologías patentadas, comodidad y estética sofisticada para ofrecer una escucha sensacional.

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Altavoces LITTORA de Focal

Altavoces LITTORA de Focal: La gama de altavoces de integración para espacios exteriores, entornos costeros y húmedos, spas o yates.  

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THEVA: La nueva gama de altavoces Focal

  THEVA: La nueva gama de altavoces Focal  

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Focal presenta: LITTORA

Focal presenta LITTORA: una gama de altavoces de integración para yates, espacios en entornos costeros y húmedos, y para exteriores  

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Focal presenta los nuevos Vestia, su nueva línea de altavoces de alta fidelidad.

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Black Ostrea y Brown Concrete

FOCAL lanza dos nuevos acabados para los altavoces Sopra N°2: el Black Ostrea y el Brown Concrete.

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Nuevos Utopia

La marca francesa Focal presenta una nueva edición de sus icónicos y excepcionales auriculares de alta fidelidad.  

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Auriculares Focal

Hechos a mano y reconocidos mundialmente por sus tecnologías exclusivas La marca francesa Focal es mundialmente reconocida por sus tecnologías de audio exclusivas. El resultado son productos líderes en su clase que ofrecen un rendimiento natural y auténtico, y destacan por su claridad y potencia. La colección de auriculares Focal de alta gama, hechos a […]

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Nuevos Aria K2 906 y Aria K2 Center

La marca francesa Focal amplia la gama de altavoces Aria K2 con un modelo de estantería y un altavoz central, perfectos para completar soluciones de alta fidelidad y home cinema.

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Auriculares CLEAR MG de FOCAL

Disfruta de un sonido puro y sensacional con los nuevos auriculares de alta gama Clear Mg de la marca francesa Focal.

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Nueva Serie 1000 de FOCAL

La gama 1000 Series, 7 obras maestras, de las cuales dos son de la categoría UTOPÍA, promete una reproducción sensacional, tanto en estéreo como en Home Cinema.

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Dos nuevos acabados para la Kanta N2

Los productos del fabricante francés Focal son el resultado de innovaciones y tecnologías propias, y las cajas de los altavoces están elaboradas a mano por ebanistas artesanos en Francia.

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