DISCOVER BATHYS Focal presents Bathys, its first wireless headphones, with high-fidelity sound and Active noise cancellation.

BATHYS: THE FIRST SET OF WIRELESS HEADPHONES WITH ACTIVE NOISE CANCELLING AND HIGH-FIDELITY SOUND Created with the technology from the best Focal headphones, its speaker drivers with Aluminium-Magnesium ‘M’-shaped dome, made in France, deliver detailed, precise and dynamic sound reproduction. Thanks to its battery life of over 30 hours and its active noise cancelling, Bathys plunges listeners into deep silence to optimise their listening experiences. Its design follows in the footsteps of Focal’s high-end headphones. Combined with refined materials, such as Magnesium on the yokes, real leather on the headband or Aluminium for a robust construction, this results in an unrivalled comfort for any head shape.

Designed to be lighter, more compact and ergonomic, Bathys is the ideal travelling companion. Its large choice of connections, its control buttons and its integrated voice assitants allow listeners to forget their Smartphone and enjoy pure listening experiences wherever they go.
SAVOIR FAIRE FOCAL With 40 years of sound expertise, Focal has long demonstrated its ability to create the best headphones in the world. Utopia, Stellia, Clear Mg and Celestee are now industry-leading models.

In order to meet the growing needs of the headphones market (wireless, portability, etc.), we have spent over three years working to adapt our knowledge to the world of “active” headphones, and to prove that we can equip them with high-fidelity sound.
CUTTING-EDGE TECHNOLOGIES Featuring the latest Bluetooth® 5.1 technology, a battery life of over 30 hours when using Bluetooth® and Active noise cancelling mode, Bathys headphones make the perfect travel companion to take with you wherever you go.

Compatible with SBC, AAC, Apt-X™ and Apt-X™ Adaptive codecs, they provide a broad choice of connectivity modes. For anyone looking for the best possible sound quality, the USB-DAC mode delivers a resolution of up to 24 bits / 192kHz for an uncompromising listening experience, thanks to the DAC and the integrated amplifier in the headphones!
HEADPHONES TO TRAVEL WITH ALL THE COMFORTS Two modes of active noise cancellation are available: a Silent mode, optimised for trips with high background noise (planes, trains, etc.) and a Soft mode to aid concentration at home, in the office, etc. In addition, a Transparency mode enables you to stay connected to your surroundings.

Its fast-charging feature gives you 5 additional battery hours in 15 minutes of charging. A full charge only takes 1 hour and 30 minutes.

The Bathys design is inherited from Focal’s open- and closed-back headphones. The earcup grilles pick up Focal’s design code, with its highly aesthetic curves. Focal’s flame symbol features at the centre of the earcup, incorporating a white backlight system to be activated if desired, for an understated, chic effect. Another standout feature of Bathys is its elegant and timeless Black Silver colourway.
SPEAKER DRIVERS MANUFACTURED IN FRANCE In terms of sound, the Aluminium/Magnesium ‘M’-shaped dome speaker drivers – made in France in our ateliers – give the headphones an audio quality that’s unrivalled in its category. Our speaker drivers, equipped with patented Focal technology, have been slightly revamped to adapt to the constraints of a portable set of headphones – they are now lighter with a smaller volume. The result is a clear, dynamic and very precise sound, while retaining a sound signature that is optimised for use on the move: a present, ever-controlled bass.
FEATURES Refined real leather and microfibre headband Incomparably soft. Comfortable and refined.

Earpads provide insulation and comfort for any head shape. Easily replaceable

5/8" (40mm) Aluminium-Magnesium speaker drivers, made in France. A naturally detailed, pure sound with impact.

1/8" (3.5mm) Jack and USB-C® outlets. Limitless connectivity

Buttons for ergonomic control.

Aluminium mechanical construction. Reliability and resistance on the move.

Magnesium yoke for increased lightness.

Backlit logo. The flame lights up.

Active noise cancelling technology and transparency mode. Immerse yourself
in your music or interact with your environment, as required.
ADDITIONAL FEATURES A dedicated Focal & Naim application will enable access to an EQ that will adapt the sound to your musical preferences and other settings.

Bathys incorporates Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa voice assistants to stay connected at all times. It is also compatible with Google Fast Pair for a faster, more intuitive connection!

The headphones are supplied with a Jack cable and a USB-C® cable to serve frequent travellers who want to watch films on the plane. Their compact, rigid carrying case also means they can be taken anywhere!


Bathys comes from the word ‘bathyscaphe’, the first sub-marine exploration vehicle. The embodiment of calm, depth and absolute silence, this vessel is the inspiration behind the name of these ANC headphones.

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• Portable headphones with Bluetooth® and active noise cancelling
• Two optimised noise-cancelling modes and a transparency mode, ideal for any journey
• Patented speaker driver technology, made in France
• USB-DAC mode enables a resolution of up to 24bits / 192kHz
• Battery life of over 30 hours in Bluetooth® and active noise cancelling mode
• Fast charging-compatible: 5 extra listening hours in 15 minutes
• Easily enabled voice assistants: Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant
• Clear Voice Capture microphone technology for crystal clear telephone conversations
• App for accessing more custom settings: equaliser, sound contols, etc.


Feature Value
Type: Close-back wireless headphones with active noise cancelling
Bluetooth® technology: 5.1 Multipoint
Bluetooth® range: >15 m
Bluetooth® frequency range: 2402Mhz – 2480Mhz
Audio codecs: SBC, AAC, , Apt-X™ y Adaptive Apt-X™
Battery life: 30 h Bluetooth® Noise Cancelling
35 h Jack mode
42 h USB DAC
Voice assistants: Google Assitant, Amazon Alexa
Drivers: Aluminium-Magnesium ‘M’-shaped dome, made in France
Frequency reponse: 15Hz a 22 kHz
Microphones: 8
Weight: 350 g
Carrying case suplied: 24x21x7 cm
Control application: Focal &y Naim (iOS and Android compatible)
Connections: Bluetooth®, Jack, USB-C®
Accessories: • Rigid carrying case supplied
• 2 cables supplied: one 4ft (1.2m) Jack cable; one 4ft (1.2m)
• USB-C® cable
• Quick start guide